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China Dashboard And Auxiliary Parts Mould manufacturers

Our Advantage
Zhe Jiang Mould Factory has served the automotive industry for more than three decade, providing the highest quality of service and delivery in automotive plastic parts. We’ve worked with a variety of automotive manufacturers and understand the demanding automotive environment and network of OEMs, suppliers, and supportive companies.
The durability and aesthetic standards for automotive plastic parts make it challenging for most plastic injection molders to successfully produce parts for this industry. At ZJM, we welcome any challenges that test our very ample capabilities and believe we have the experience and staff to tackle any opportunity.
Our quality and production teams are well-trained in working with automotive manufactures to meet requirements for both interior parts—such as door panel components—and exterior parts, like light housings and plastic shrouds. Our almost forty years of improving quality and production systems will ensure satisfaction
Our internal quality systems and plastic injection molding processes provide consistent and exceptional results. Our production processes are optimized to eliminate variability and to reliably produce the high quality injection mould that our customers desire. When problems do arise, we rely upon our robust ISO:9001 certified Quality Control systems and zero defect culture to identify situations that can be improved to increase reliability and quality for our customers.
During the development process, our team works to ensure customer satisfaction using a variety of means, such as our CMM capability and the application of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), to provide the necessary degree of understanding for process development. This solid knowledge base allows us to design and implement stronger process controls such as specialized Control Plans and error-proofing solutions that identify and eliminate defects during the initial production process.China Dashboard And Auxiliary Parts Mould manufacturers